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February Monthly Meeting

 | Published on 2/19/2016
February 15, 2016 
New member; Craig Edland - he rides a 1200 GSA
50/50 went to Jim Wright $31.00
Fliers for Tech Day March 26 were handed out. Please register so no one starves. The date to items shipped (tires etc) to Aaron will be posted on the website.
Ride committee update - Ben Fleischer. He is hoping for more Saturday rides after the huge success of Colin                                           Josey's to Mineola. 
                                        There are plenty of Grumpy Old Men too as those weekday rides seem very well                                                attended. Thank you Doug Davis for leading the most recent.
Meeting topics were discussed as to what the membership would like. These would be 20 minute segments about things of interest to riders. A few examples of topics would be Sena and Bluetooth operations, First Aid kit items to pack etc. Austin Hutton and Colin Josey have contacts with people that could help us all learn Accident Management. Our first topic was given by Ben. He gave a segment on Tire Repair items, air pumps, and Portable Battery Jumpers - Lithium, that can charge almost anything. It was brought up that not all battery tenders are compatible with all batteries - Check before you connect.
Base Camp class - Garmins - class will be held February 27 at DFWBMW dealership, check their website for details.
The idea of an "off bike" date night was discussed. We may be able to secure the theater in Whitewright for a movie of our choice.
Attendance: 22, you and your input were missed. Ride safe.