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December monthly meeting minutes 2015

 | Published on 12/18/2015
Call to order at 1910 (7:10 pm)
Introduction of 2016 Officers; President - Mike Secor,  VP - Terry Summers, Treasurer - Rick French, Secretary - Alexis Casazza.
Graeme gave a welcome and farewell as President.
End of Year Awards were presented to; Colin Josey - for leading day/breakfast rides, Chris Wilson - Chief Gopher, Jackie Gunn - Chief Helper. Thank you all for your hard work.
New members; Chip Casper who rides a F800GS 2013
Many vendors donated the following prizes to the following winners;
                                                                                 Maxim Honda $25 gift certificate - Graeme
                                                                                 Maxim Honda $25 gift certificate - Chip Casper
                                                                                 Maxim Honda $25 gift certificate - Jamie James
                                                                                 Maxim Honda $25 gift certificate - Alta Gunn
                                                                                 Moto Liberty - $50 gift certificate - Allen Udisky
                                                                                 Moto Liberty - $50 gift certificate - Allen Hanoski
                                                                                 Moto Liberty - gloves - Chris Wilson
                                                                                 Moto Liberty - cool ware top & bottom - Dave Allen
                                                                                 Cycle Center Denton - $50 gift certificate - ??? sorry
                                                                                 Cycle Center Denton - 4 t-shirts to the following; Debra Fleischer, Rick Butler,                                                                                        Bob Spear, and Gary Johnson
                                                                                 BMW N.Dallas heated vest - Leonard Burton
                                                                                 BMW N.Dallas - 4 t-shirts to the following; Cindy Smith, Jackie Gunn, Bob Erwin,                                                                                    and Terry Summers
                                                                                 Beemer Boneyard - $50 gift certificate - Terry Baker
                                                                                 Beemer Boneyard - $50 gift certificate - Jim Wright
                                                                                 Beemer Boneyard - $50 gift certificate - Sue Wright
                                                                                 Adventure Moto - Battery starter - Mark Bond
                                                                                 Aerostich - $50 gift certificate - Esther Erwin
                                                                                 Aerostich - $50 gift certificate - Liz Burton
                                                                                 Erin Zimmerman - Park-N-Move - Mrs.Gary Johnson
                                                                                  Eurosport Ft.Worth - track day - John Partlow
                                             Please be sure and thank these vendors for their donations and support of our club.
The 50/50 winner was John Partlow
Craig Olsen instructed members on how to utilize the forums. (This would help with keeping our personal email accounts cleaner).
Ben Fleischer - Ride Committee chairman, spoke on the committees progress with ride calendar. He also made a plea for destination ideas from club members - it is our club after all.
Chris Wilson spoke on his up coming ride the Smokey's. The dates are set May 1 - May 6. The adventure will either begin in Pidgeon Forge, TN or Bryson City,NC - both which appear to be outstanding choices. Difficult choice. All the day rides are planned, mark your calendars.
Mike Secor - incoming President - plans for 2016 is not big on change. I think he means if it's not broke.......
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year