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August 2015 Monthly Meeting Minutes

 | Published on 8/18/2015

August 2015 Meeting Minutes

Call to order; 7:00 pm
Attendence: 25
New Members: 0
Guests: 0
New Rides: Joe Tokarz is the proud owner of a Vintage Moto Guzzi El Dorado Police Bike (re: Dirty Harry Part II)
50 / 50: $39.00 to Jim Wright
Agenda: Heat and how to deal with it when riding.
 An open dicussion involving riders dealing with high summer temperatures and the solutions club members employ to deal with it. Cooling vests, cooling sleeves, mesh jackets, and air venting techniques with your riding gear were discussed. Keith anounced that he will be soon selling a state of the art air conditioning system for motorcycle riders. That will be fun to see, touch, and test.
Discussed Club x-press and yahoo to better get info to members. Any member input to improve communication is more than welcome.
Our 10th Annual Hamburger Cook-out is just around the corner on September 19, 2015. The club and Moto Liberty has donated a $100.00 gift certificate to be raffled off (must be present to win). Also, free Lone Star BMW Riders reflective stickers will be given away at the event. Thus far, Jim Wright and Colin Josey have offered to host group rides to the cook-out. If anyone would like to host a group ride to Sulphur, Ok. please contact Greame or Rick and we will get your details posted. We will get Colin and Jim's routes posted soon. If anyone would like to volunteer your time to help with the cookout, contact Rick French @
Please be sure to register for the cook-out  on the club website, so we can get enough food to feed everyone.
A new feature at club meetings is dubbed: Meet a Member
Our first victim, uh member, to be grilled was Colin Josey. It is a fun way to get to know our riding partners better.
November 16, 2015 is our annual general meeting. Club elections will take place. Please consider becoming a club officer. Some of our current officers will be stepping down and fresh blood and ideas are always a good thing to keep the club fresh.
Meeting ajourned: 8:05 pm
Chris Wilson