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How to cancel a registration.



All the rides and events listed in the Event Calendar of our web site “Recommend” that you register for the event or ride if you are planning to attend. The reason is obvious. It helps the event “Host” plan the logistics with a clearer vision of how many to expect.

However, should something come up, and you can no longer attend, how do you “CANCEL” your registration?  It’s easy, it’s just not intuitive.

Step 1: Go to our web page: <> and log on by clicking on “Member Login”  located on the upper right hand corner of the home page of our web site. This initiates your member privileges on the site.

Next,  Click on “Profile”, this will open up what many of us usually refer to as “Preferences”


Step 2 “Click on “Event History: (A)  This will open up a menu of all events you are registered for.


Step 3 (C)” Locate the event that to want to cancel your registration for, and click on the “Trash Can” with the red x on it. This will cancel and remove your registration from the event.

That's It, you have cancelled your registration.  If you don't see the Trash Icon beside the event it means either the event cancellation time period has passed or the Event may not have been configured for Cancellations.  In those cases you may send an email to the Event coordinator shown on the Event page or send an email to