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Setting Member Preference
Our Club Web site has an extensive capability and members can set various preferences for interacting with the site.  This How To page will provide some basic information on how members can set their preferences and some suggestions for setting them. 
Member Profile;
First we will access the profile.  To do so a member must login to the web site and then in the upper right corner when you "hover" or move your pointer to your name you will find a Pop-up box and it lists Profile.
Once you select profile you will be presented with the Profile Page.  This page is separated into a number of "Panes" related to a specific are of web site.
For Personal Information you would use the items listed in the "Personal Info" pane.
From this page you may check and update your current Contact Info in the Personal Info pane, which could include your email address if it changed.
Also you will find the "Standard Member Directory" which determines a members visibility in the Member Directory.  The default option will only show your name, and we encourage members to change this option to one of the selections that also displays your email address.  This makes it easier for other members to contact you.
Here is a view of the upper portion of the Standard Member Directory showing one of the options for displaying Email.
At the bottom of the Standard Member Directory page a member can upload a profile picture that will be used to display in the member directory.
Forum General Preferences
Another option on the Profile page is the Forums General Preferences  which provides an option for setting preferences for delivery of posts on Club Forums.
On this page you can verify your contact email for forum notifications and also choose to have Forum posts to be sent via Email, check the box.  We recommend that you set this option so you can stay engaged in Club activities.
Forum Membership
Another option on Profile page under Forum panel is the "Forum Membership".  There are a number of "Automatic" forums that all members are by default members and then Available Forums that members can additionally subscribe.