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Event Registration How To
This page will provide a basic description of how to register for a Club Event.  There are a number of variations that may be used for different events but this document will provide information on a Single Day event with a Single Activity.  The Majority of events on the LSBMWR site will be for members only so the first thing one must do before being able to register is to Login to the web site.
On the Home screen for the club site you will find the Member Login in the upper right.  Click on that link and then use your Username and Password to gain access to site Member actions.  If you are unable to login send an email to Webmaster.  If you are not yet a member and wish to join then select the Member Signup menu option.
Select Event
Once you are logged in you can select an Event you are interested in.  If you see the event listed on the Home Page under Upcoming Activities you an simply click on that event.  If not you can select the Event Calendar Menu option on the Left side Menu Bar.  That will display a Calendar view and you can navigate thru the months of the year and find your event.  Once you find that event you can simply Click on that event.  In this example we will select the "Sample Event".
Website Calendar Event
Begin Registration for Event
Once you select the event you will be presented with the Event screen and besides the basic information about the event shown there may be optional links and documents that provide more information about the event.  You will normally also have the option Register for the Event, at least for many Club events.  Below is a screen example for this Sample Event, to register just click on the Register button.
 Event Register
Registering for Event
Once you select Register you will get the initial Registration screen (shown here).  In almost all cases you simply Next on this screen.
Event Register - Begin
Adding a Guest/Pillion
For some events its important to know which members will be bringing a Guest, possibly a passenger/pillion.  This next screen offers an opportunity to add a guest.  It's not necessary that this Guest be a member of Club, you can just put in their name.  If you do not have a Guest then simply type Next to move to next screen.
Event Select Guest
Adding a Guest
On this screen you can add a guest/pillion.  In most cases all you need to do is put in name of person and then click on the Save button.
Event Register Add Guest
Registration Summary
Next you will get a screen that shows your Guest, just click on Next to proceed.  Normally members can only add 1 guest so the message is just saying you've reached that maximum.
Event Registration - Guest Added
Completing the Registration
Finally you will get a Registration Summary screen.  You have NOT registered until you click on the Complete Registration Button at the bottom.  After you do this the Event coordinator will receive an email notifying them you have registered and you will also receive an email. Once Registered you may receive other reminders or notifications about the Event as determined by the Event Coordinator.  
Even Register Completion
That completes your registration.