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Club Photo Albums
The web site for our club offers 2 different methods for creating photo albums and populating those albums with photos.  The first method is via a Shared Photo Album. This type of album is typically used for significant club rides/events and is created by a web site admin and setup to allow specific member contributors to upload their photos to this shared album.   Normally for a give event or ride members and/or registrants will be informed of this album by the event/ride coordinator and encouraged to share their photos on this album.
The second type of photo album is a Personal Album where a member creates and names his own album and uploads photos to it.  These albums only contain photos of the owning member.
Both of these types of albums will be viewable on the web site  via the Photo Albums menu.  Members should be aware that these photos are viewable by the general public.  The following description go into details of uploading to these two types of albums.
Shared Photo Album.
Access to Upload to a Shared Photo Album is set by web site admin and the member will upload to this album via the web site Control Panel.  After a member has logged in to the web site they will navigate to the album via the Control Panel as shown;
Click on the Photo Pages "Pencil" on Website Tab;
Click on the "pencil" for the Album you want to upload to;
Select either Add Multiple Photos or Add One Photo;
On this window select the Files (Photos) you want to upload.  For each photo you will have the option of adding a Title to photo which is recommended.  Add your name as Photographer and the Date Taken.  The default option to allow a download of photo is checked.  When you select "Save" your photos will begin uploading.
Your photos should now be uploaded and you can confirm that by scrolling to bottom of album to see them, or go to web site Home page and select the Photo Album menu to check out all the albums.
Personal Photo Album
This page describes the steps for a member to create and upload their photos to a Photo Album.  These member created Photo Albums are for the members to contribute photos related to Club Events and Motorcycle riding in general.  Also Member created Albums would be used to make contributions toward the Lone Star BMW Riders Yearly Calendar.
These are the steps to create an album.
1. Login in the club web site (Member must be logged in to create an album).
2. Click on member name in upper right corner and select Profile from the pull-down menu.
3. On the Profile page select Photo Albums under the Website Panel.
4. Select Add Photo Album from the Album Manager.
5. Give the Album a Name. Album names must be unique on system so use this convention "2015 EVENTNAME -INIT".   The Event name would be whatever event is associated with photos and INIT is the Members Initials.  (ie.  "2015 ACR - JG")
6. Menu Text is same as Album Name.
7. You may choose to make Album available to Members ONLY or Any Site Visitor. 
8. Select the "Visible" check box or the Album will not be viewed by anyone
9. Add a description if you would like.
10.  Click Save to create Album.
Now Album is created and the next step is to Upload Photos to this Album.
1. From the Album Manager click on the Edit or Pencil Icon for the Album
2. You can select "Add One Photo" or "Add Multiple Photos".
3. You will then be able to "Select Files" which will provide you a window to select photos from your PC.  With Multiple Photos you can select multiple files to upload.
4. For each file selected you can optionally add a Title for each photo and this recommended.  This Title will show up when your photo Album is displayed.
5. You should type in the Photographer field and Date Taken.
6. Please select the checkbox for "Allow Download of Hi-Res Versions"
7. When you click on Save the Photos you selected will be uploaded, and that may take a few minutes
After photos are Uploaded each Photo will show up in Edit Album viewer and you delete any unwanted Photos.
Once created and photos are uploaded your album will be visible to either Members or All Visitors using the "Photo Album" viewer on the main menu.
If you have any questions please send an email to
Your Lone Star BMW Riders Web Team